Reading for a Hollywood Legend: Tippi Hedren


When I was a kid I was such a Hitchcock fan that I could name every movie he directed in sequence.  While other kids were enjoying GODZILLA or GAMERA I was so enthralled by Hitchcock and his spooky, quirky style that when I went to college my undergraduate thesis was on the highlights of his prolific body of work. In those days I was a mysterious sexy rebel Goth kid who came to class in black leather.  But while my peers were screening PSYCHO and slamming beers, I remained utterly fascinated by Hitchcock’s subtly sado-masochistic treatment of his signature blondes years before “Fifty Shades of Grey.” That combination of sex and terror was a potent, lush psychological aphrodisiac that blended ever so seductively with my taste in punk rock and bad boys.  But of all the Hitchcock blondes, I connected very deeply to Tippi Hedren not just because of her classic roles in THE BIRDS or MARNIE, but because of what I perceived to be her “aura” onscreen which was a combination of “vulnerable” and “golden girl.”

Flash forward to Spring 2013.  Ensconced in the luxury of the penthouse of the Beverly Hilton, just days before the Academy Awards, I was having an amazing afternoon doing readings for stars in connection with Marc Mondavi’s – The Divining Rod Wines at the TMG Luxury Suite.  And then I felt HER.  Standing patiently in line with a crowd of 20 somethings who had no idea that they were breathing the same air as a Hollywood Legend was my favorite Hitchcock Blonde – Tippi.

While I cannot tell you the details of the reading, I can share this with you. The aura of a real star has such a high vibration that it can be felt by an empath from a hundred yards. It is argued that this vibration is achieved after “stardom,” but I know this… it is because of this aura that a star is born. When I received this autographed photo in the mail I already knew where it came from because her vibration was still on it. Squee!




2 Responses to “Reading for a Hollywood Legend: Tippi Hedren”

  1. There is a screening of the Birds at this year’s Florida Film Festival, where she will be in attendance. Can’t wait for it.

  2. stylecovenla Says:

    Reblogged this on Your Pop Psychic and commented:
    It was such a thrill to meet a living legend!

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