A Witchy Cure for Common Cold: Oregano



When I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat I felt I was doomed, completely doomed to suffer the same fate as my friend who caught a cold that turned into a cough that lasted for over a month. The stories of the cold, that turns into a cough and then sometimes into walking pneumonia are all over La La land.


Dried oregano for culinary use.

Dried oregano for culinary use. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rather than accept my fate I went straight to my magickal cupboard and found that pure oregano oil I got last Fall. In the past I’ve taken a drop or two of oregano in warm water or tea and it has helped me with colds and flu.  But, this time I was desperate for something with just a little more “oomph” and honestly too much oregano burns my stomach.


Thankfully, I remembered that some folks rub oregano oil in their kids feet because it absorbs through the soles and directly into the bloodstream.  I mixed 3 drops of pure oregano oil with some sesame oil that I had in kitchen and massaged it into the soles of my feet. I immediately felt a soothing warm tingle and then I slipped on some old socks and had myself a nice hot cup of tea.


Throughout the day I’ve been drinking oregano tea and reapplying the oil to my feet every 3-4 hours.  I have to admit it’s almost dinner time and I feel like myself again and I haven’t taken a single drop of cold medicine.  These are the times when I am soooooo glad that I’m a witch.





One Response to “A Witchy Cure for Common Cold: Oregano”

  1. Reblogged this on gregsarmas and commented:
    I saw an article the other day on facebook that showed a push by big pharma in Canada, and soon America, to ban or at least seriously hinder the sale of oregano oil. Unreal, it’s one of the oldest cures in the book for infections, inflammation, and a hole host of other problems. How much would they lose if everyone just knew better?

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