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Style AND Psychics: Was this Summer’s Gucci Campaign Prophesied by the Hollywood Witch via TMG?

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Years after launching my own little “Psychics and Style” blog – STYLE COVEN ( Gucci is running a gorgeous pictorial campaign using just those touch points and the spokeswoman is my fave Hitchcock Blonde – Tippi Hedren. Coincidentally … or maybe not … yours truly did a reading for her years ago as I was developing my own groove and combining psychics and style at a luxury suite for the Oscars hosted by TMG. Today, I’m a bona fide trendsetter thanks to Ruben Diaz.  LOL


As I wrote YEARS ago …

“After 15 years as a hack and a flack in fashion and entertainment I decided to combine my 25 years of experience as a psychic, clairvoyant and healer with my fascination with pop culture and public relations.”


Since this year’s Awards Season dawn during so many retrograde planets, perhaps they will ask me back. I know it took years but here is our original concept executed elegantly in a Gucci campaign.



Full Moon in Sagittarius – Insights into Action by Starr Ann Ravenhawk – Witchfest USA

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We are proud to promote Witchfest USA: A Pagan Street Faire every year. As we approach opening day, Starr Ann Ravenhawk of Charmed by Starr has some helpful insights for today’s auspicious SAGITTARIUS Full MOON. Seen as the mystic Flower Moon, marking the sixth full moon of the year, this last full Moon before the 7th annual Witchfest heralds in an exciting line-up. Many consider this occasion to have an impact on the cosmic star signs – but what does the Flower Moon mean for you?

Expanding your knowledge and ability to communicate in a positive way. Generosity, openness, optimism and the desire to give advice and share experiences. This is another fiery sign and is good for gardening. Onions, leeks and garlic great for planting now and considered to be some of the strongest plants for dealing with the banishment of illness and disease, as well as other undesirables that may be floating around your home. Good time to banish outmoded or stagnant thoughts.

Laughter, along with emotional or mental stimulation, is the best type of banishment when the Moon is in Sagittarius. For the Sagittarius sign are characteristic enthusiasm, frankness, philosophy, tendency for generalization, idealism, interest for the unknown, for other cultures and worlds. When the Moon resides in Sagittarius sign, we all subconsciously become Sagittarius. Optimism, vitality, generosity, good intention, striving for protection intensify, as well as desire for philosophy, expansion of horizon or just a desire for a walk somewhere. These days are favorable for studying, work, teaching, and also expansion of the area of interest, for all, that is connected with distant travel and foreign countries.

“Whatever it is that needs doing – whatever it is you’ve been avoiding – it’s time to take responsibility.”

Like the flowers, it is time for us to blossom, to grow day by day …

  • “Make a plan to pay up, or you may have to face the consequences of your inaction.”
  • “Compromise will be key — and so will good listening skills, because so much talk is going to be going on.
  • “People will be making announcements, secrets will be revealed, and some gossip might be exposed.
  • “While Mercury’s in this sign, it will help boost your mental acuity and communication skills, and while your partners are going to have plenty to get off their chest, so will you.
  • “Make sure you both hear each other out today — try not to interrupt.”

This Full Moon is applying a wide square to Neptune in Pisces.

This can stimulate confusion which can also be between our emotional needs and ego needs, or between ourselves and others. It some cases it can debilitate actions, direction, drive, as well as amplify the already potentially scattered energy of the signs involved in this Full Moon. Neptune can also trigger escapism, avoidance, clumsiness, and flaky energy. If you have to do any tasks that are important for you to be mentally attentive, you may need to put extra effort in doing so to avoid problems. This period can be similar to Mercury Retrograde.

Both the Full Moon in Sagittarius and the Neptune configurations work best when we consider the big picture, get out of our heads (when appropriate), overcome our fears, flow with challenges, and trust our intuition/feelings.

Things To Consider During This Period:
What is the big picture for you and what do you need to take into consideration while addressing the details of your life? How can you expand and broaden your horizons to help you build the life you want? What actions can you take to help you with your spiritual growth? What part of your life is calling for transformation? Do you need to be more adaptable/fluid while being less rigid in your routine?

Have you been wanting to make some big changes over the last few weeks to liberate you from a situation? Or has anything been occurring in your life over the last month to help to facilitate that process? If so, then this Full Moon may be a period to really take that into consideration by listening to your feelings and get out of your head about what could be holding you back.

These are just some examples of what to consider at this time. If you wish to do any sort of intentional release connected to what comes up, it is best to do so anytime over the two weeks following this Full Moon when it is waning. If you are into health and detoxification, this waning period can also be a good time to initiate any type of liver cleanse or protocol.

Angels in the house of Sagittarius control the four elements — Earth, Air, Fire and Water —- as well as regulate their use for various purposes. They are responsible for the protection of humankind when we migrate from country to country. The Angels are Vhnori and Saritaiel.

In a miraculous instance of Starr’s colliding … Angel Oasis’  Morgana Starr gave us a conjuration this morning in support of a sister Starr from her book “Angel Whispers” from Barnes and Noble.


Descended from Fire Goddesses of old

You know of deep mysteries untold

Only take some time to look within

Then your understanding will begin

Out of the darkness you have come

So spread your wings and have some fun

Winging your flight through the cool air

Sprinkling Angel magic from hands so fair

Never forget who you truly are

Honor the road you have taken so far

The joy you have given out so free

Is spread to others, you will see

The music that is deep inside

Is open now and cannot hide

Drifting as wind o’er the plains

To erase all anguish and all pain

Bring out passion from your inner self

Angels Flurry…Angels Flight

Wings aflutter with delight

Joy and happiness all around

Hearts opened, love abounds.

Angels Whispering in my ears

Telling me to leave my fears

Now I can sing

Of angel’s magic wings

There is beauty all around

It is waiting to be found

If you look with angel’s eyes

You see what none can deny

Who you are and your heart of love

What angels see from up above

So for today and every day … I embrace two soul sisters, Starr and Morgana … who both consistently bring Starr’s to my eyes and to my heart … because the Hollywood Witch flourishes when she is surrounded by STARR MAGICK! And on this Full Moon Day two Starr’s collided and the result was a supernova.

When Saturn Retrograde Destroys Your Haters

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cyber-bullying-122156_960_720Last night I discovered, quite accidentally, that a dedicated hater/stalker of mine got exactly what she deserved. After being attacked by her … for years … it appears that she has been exposed via Google Search … because of her consistent bullying and fraudulent behavior. Let me remind everyone … I am NO SEO genius. No one can blame me for this one.  In fact she has made it a point through the years to publicize that I could not possibly be that technologically savvy.  It’s funny, but she is the most vocal witness to the fact that I COULD NOT have done this to her. It would require the skills that she has repeatedly said that I lack.  I think I even have a screenshot of her saying that I’m stupid. By her own efforts and in her own words … IT COULD NOT POSSIBLY BE MY FAULT.

Let’s get this straight, I am only one of many of her victims. She is noticeably addicted to the power she feels that she gets from being abusive.  So, let’s look at this from the occult perspective … shall we? Saturn, the planet of Karma, has been retrograde since April and will be until September 6th, 2018. In many spiritual and occult traditions Saturn is the planet of Karma. And in this particular case, looks like Shani and Karma had a field day at her expense.

What is interesting to me is that since I am her more known victims, it appears that my affliction has come to light. Well, blame that on Google. She wanted to be famed for trashing me. She got her wish. She has attacked my reputation for years and gloated over it publicly and privately … online … offline … and every which way but loose. This could be the by product of HER OWN SEO EFFORTS. OUCH … I don’t know if she could ever repay me for the years that I’ve suffered mental, emotional and financial distress because of her antics. I’ve kept copious records. It’s been a horrific ride to say the least. I have done all I could to DEFEND myself and ultimately had to let things be and allow the court system to do what it could to protect me and the other folks that she has harassed. Honestly, she has been the last thing on my mind for quite some time. But yesterday … I discovered that Karma is real and the movements of the planets do effect our daily lives. I am blown away by such an incredible cosmic affirmation.


Meanwhile, I am comforted by the knowledge that Saturn or Shani (Hindu) is a formidable force that cannot be easily overthrown or placated. And Karma cannot be fooled or beguiled. While some would think that this is an incredible victory for me, I must be truthful and say it is in fact a RESCUE, because the planetary forces have done what so many ordinary human beings could not. And believe me, she has trampled on the hearts and minds of MANY PEOPLE since she is empowered and entertained by causing people DISTRESS and LOSS. I am humbled and grateful. I am transformed from being a victim to a witness.


Today, as I light a traditional mustard oil lamp in supplication and gratitude to SHANI, I am in AWE.

Shani’s gravitational power is more than that of the Earth’s. Therefore, when we think good or bad thoughts and make plans, they reach Shani by the strength of his power. In astrological terms, the bad influence is considered as unlucky. But the result of good deeds will be good. Therefore, we must understand God Shani as a friend and not as foe. And for bad deeds, he is Sade Saathi, disaster and an enemy.


The Hanuman Mantra Cure for the Saturn Retrograde starting on April 17, 2018

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According to legend, the cheeky Hindu Monkey God, Hanuman, and the planet Saturn, otherwise known as Shani Dev, have a very interesting relationship.

  1. Both Gods are connected to Lord Shiva, the Merciful Destroyer. Hanuman is said to be the avatar of Shiva. Shani Dev or Saturn is a devotee.
  2. Hanuman was born on Saturday or Saturn’s Day.
  3. Saturn/Shani is connected to the element of fire. Hanuman is connected to the element of air. Air feeds fire.
  4. In exchange for saving Saturn/Shani from the demon Ravanna’s prison, Saturn/Shani agreed that Hanuman or his followers would not suffer in-auspiciousness.

The mantra is traditionally chanted 108 times either with or without a mala (rosary) on a Saturday. Traditional offerings are jasmine oil or flowers, vermilion and red sandalwood. During Saturn Retrograde I chant the mantra at least on Saturday AND Tuesay, or every day just to make sure.

sourceAbout Marie: Los Angeles Celebrity Psychic and Publicist Marie Bargas lives and works among the stars and celebrities.  She is a clairvoyant, medium and energy healer who incorporates tarot, pendulum divination,  chakra cleansing and balancing, sound healing, house cleansing, yoga and meditation into her work and her life as a mystic, yogini and spell crafter. Best known as a successful “bride maker,” Marie specializes in love, romance and finding true love. She began her career as an expert on “Entertainment Tonight,”  (as Marie King) made appearances on the Fine Living Network and was featured on the Love and Sex Report with Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger and most recently on NBC’s “EXTRA.” She is currently the Managing Editor of the ezine ENTERTAINMENT 2MORROW,  the co-producer of MAGICK LAB ACADEMY alongside pop culture guru, Tony Sokol and psychic Ana Divina and the co-host and talent of the upcoming “THE DARKWORKERS LIVE” through The Vampire Chihuahua Productions.  Marie is also a senior partner in Style Coven PR, a charming boutique start up,  where she combines her expertise in niche marketing the Occult and New Age markets to promote colleagues, products and services.



Celebrity Psychic Marie Bargas Returns as the Hollywood Witch

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It’s Mercury Retrograde and the Witch is Back!

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Astrological Musings & More

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Nice astrological update for the coming weeks

Journey to the Center of the Mind


Solar System 3What’s that old saying, “The calm before the storm”?  Well, there may not be any “storm” coming, but, unlike all that quiet from the last two weeks, six of the planets have decided to get up and change seats on the galactic bus!  (Perhaps it’s to get a better view of the upcoming meteor shower!)

Let’s get started!

New Moon in AriesThe New Moon in Aries happens on Wednesday, April 10th at 5:35 p.m. EDT.  and, being the first sign of the zodiac offers us the energy of new beginnings for double emphasis on this New Moon.  The symbol for Aries is the ram and the horns of the ram are metaphysically representative of a fork in the road – a choice being offered.  This reminds us that we have free will – the right to choose.

The Sun and Moon both being in Aries brings a great deal of energy and…

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