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Use Sound and the Mercury Retrograde to Banish Bad Vibes Faster

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As the planetary trickster moves in an almost backwards trajectory, now is the time to use sound to remove negative energy. You know the old saying. “Go with the flow.”

Allow yourself to indulge in moments of music and relaxation to free you from the anxiety of this difficult time.

sourceLos Angeles Celebrity Psychic and Publicist Marie Bargas lives and works among the stars and celebrities. She is a clairvoyant, medium and energy healer who incorporates tarot, pendulum divination, chakra cleansing and balancing, sound healing, house cleansing, yoga and meditation into her work and her life as a mystic, yogini and spell crafter. Best known as a successful “bride maker,” Marie specializes in love, romance and finding true love. She began her career as an expert on “Entertainment Tonight,” (as Marie King) made appearances on the Fine Living Network and was featured on the Love and Sex Report with Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger and most recently on NBC’s “EXTRA.” She is currently the Managing Editor of the ezine ENTERTAINMENT 2MORROW, the co-producer of MAGICK LAB ACADEMY alongside pop culture guru, Tony Sokol and psychic Ana Divina and the co-host and talent of the upcoming “THE DARKWORKERS LIVE” through The Vampire Chihuahua Productions. Marie is also a senior partner in Style Coven PR, a charming boutique start up, where she combines her expertise in niche marketing the Occult and New Age markets to promote colleagues, products and services. To learn more about Marie go to


It’s Mercury Retrograde and the Witch is Back!

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Mercury Retrograde? Ganesha to the Rescue!

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My apologies for posting this so late, but like many of you this current Mercury Retrograde came for me early during it’s “shadow phase” and I dropped my laptop and utterly destroyed my hard drive!  All over the world folks like me are experiencing challenges associated with the planetary ruler of communication, travel, electronics, contracts, etc …  This thrice yearly occurrence is enough to have garnered the attention of the world now that the internet and the noticeable stops and starts over this hectic time have made it more believable for a single planetary change of orbit to wreak havoc on a global scale.

While many popular remedies for the Mercury Retrograde prescribe a combination of burning a Mercury Retrograde or Reversal Candle with a specially formulated Mercury Retrograde Oil;  I have found that burning a Ganesha2candle and doing a simple mantra to the Hindu deity Ganesha (the Remover of Obstacles) is equally, if not more effective. The difference is that typical Mercury Retrograde candles and oils are designed to counter act all the effects of the Mercury Retrograde, while burning a candle to the “Remover of Obstacles” removes the negative effects of troublesome mishaps while allowing the positive effects of removing, releasing and banishing to continue unabated.


Ganesha3Here at Mystic Journey Bookstore our large community of yogis, yoginis and mystics resonate comfortably with this beloved Elephant God whose reputation for removing obstacles begins with the utterance of his divine mantras to open any spiritual endeavor that requires a connection to the divine.  Traditionally his mantra is recited at least 108 times on a string of prayer beads or malas that are available in a selections of seeds, wooden beads and stones. During the Mercury Retrograde which lasts from January 5th, 2016 through January 25th, 2016 we expect to have to restock our colorful inventory of Ganesha candles several times.

The Process:

  • Anoint your chosen Ganesha candle with your favorite Mercury Retrograde or Ganesha Oil or put a few drops of coconut oil and a sprinkling of brown sugar in the candle since Ganesha enjoys coconuts and sweets.
  • Recite the following mantra  108 times after lighting the candle.


 I have found that this particular mantra is short but very effective. It is best to do the mantra every day at the same time, but I always wear a wrist mala so that I can say it whenever I feel the need which lately has been several times a day.

The Accidental Invocation: Hello Holy Spirit

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Holy Spirit

For years I have shunned reconnecting with my Catholic roots, mainly because Catholicism was used in my family as an excuse or a justification for bigotry and abuse. I come from a 3rd world country that is predominantly misogynistic even though there have been at least two female presidents within the last decade. Go figure. So, while I have fond memories of deep prayer and meditation within convent walls for the two years I was exiled to the Philippines, I could not identify myself as a Catholic especially after I woke up from a 3 day coma with gifts that would have had me burned as a witch at Easter in my homeland. I’m not kidding.

If you think the good ole USA is misogynistic country imagine yourself in a world where the value of a female child is sometimes measured by her value as a breeder, beauty queen  and/or a prostitute in all social classes. And even though the strength of this island nation is anchored in all of the above and the emerging working class of educated women who are the hub of the highly underpaid and overworked masses, nothing much has changed.  If you’ve ever wondered why there is such a mass exodus from the Philippines, I assure you that is the reason.  I’m being blunt, but truthful.

Still, the lure of connecting with a power that is the third element in the supernal triangle was hard to resist. My “special gift” is that anything that I call will come. Angel, God, Demon, Dragon, Genii, Elemental or Shade… if I call it… it will come. This past week I’ve been feeling nostalgic because I’ve been under the weather, so I decided that I’d reach back into my past and invoke something comforting. In fact why not invoke “the Comforter?” It took me less than 5 minutes to find exactly what I needed to do just that.

Veni, Creator Spiritus, mentes tuorum visita, imple superna gratia, quae tu creasti pectora. from Veni Creator Spiritus

The Goddess Told Me to Put Garlic in My Vajayjay

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After a week of suffering through one of the most debilitating cold/flu nightmares I’ve ever had in my life I was not surprised to feel a familiar itch in my nether regions.  For the past 3 days I’ve been taking a powerful antibiotic. Right about the time that my throat ceased to hurt, that familiar itch was a signal that the antibiotic had done it’s work all too well.

I’m spoiled. In the past I’ve had the luxury of having a health insurance carrier that paid for EVERYTHING.  All I had to do in the old days was call my doctor and tell her that I had a yeast infection and she’d call in a prescription because she was the same doctor who prescribed the antibiotic that caused it in the first place.  Sometimes she’d just give me a prescription for the yeast medication along with the antibiotic to save me the trouble of calling her twice. Today, I am self-employed. And, although I enjoy being my own boss, setting my own hours and taking naps with my pups in the afternoon;  I sure do miss having complete coverage.


Primer (Photo credit: The Makeup FLoozy)

Yesterday, I was feeling well enough to write… a little… but not well enough to make it to the drugstore.  I knew what that itch meant though. But, rather than force myself out of the house I opted to stay in my pink flannel polka dot pajamas and have a nap. Why?  In the worst case scenario I can always rely the Goddess to send me a solution in a dream. I had a deep, but troubled sleep until the Goddess tickled my memories and I recalled that garlic has been touted far and wide as a natural remedy for yeast.

An Ikea garlic press, with pressed garlic.

An Ikea garlic press, with pressed garlic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I woke up I started researching the cure immediately and discovered that the prescribed remedy required me to insert a peeled and scored fresh glove of garlic in my vajayjay overnight at the first sign of an infection. Honestly, I’ve put much stranger things in my vajayjay before including the celebrated Jack Rabbit Vibrator. 07139322.interactive.a

And even though I was never  put off by the Jack Rabbit’s spinning beads,  gyrating shaft, or vibrating clit bunny, yesterday morning I just felt weak and vulnerable. I’m embarrassed to admit that I actually felt squeamish about inserting a potent, pungent clove of garlic in to my vajayjay.

After a few more hours the itching got worse so I decided to “woman up” and try inserting the garlic clove.  I peeled it and scored it as instructed and inserted it just like I would a tampon.  I put a panty shield in my panty and lay down to read a book.  I didn’t hurt at all. In fact I could barely feel that it was there.  In about an hour I tasted a garlic in my mouth and was satisfied that the garlic was circulating through my blood stream. I was thrilled. It was working. And then I coughed.  The garlic clove traveled through my vajayjay faster than a speeding bullet and made a enough of a “thwack” sound when it hit my panty shield to scare my Maltese, Muppet who was dozing next to me.

Undaunted, I returned to the internet and found that some women sewed a thread through the garlic clove before inserting it into the vajayjay so they could easily retrieve it. That made a lot of sense to me. The first try I hadn’t inserted it as far as it could go because frankly I was afraid that I’d never get it out.  So, I found my sewing kit, threaded a needle and went to the kitchen to prepare another clove of garlic. While I was in the kitchen sewing my garlic, my fiance Paul came home and asked me what I was doing. When I told him I was making a “garlic tampon” his eyes glazed over.

In a few short moments we were en route to the drugstore. He bought me my medication, a book and a take-out dinner.  And, he apologized profusely for avoiding me because he was afraid of catching, my flu which made cry because I’d been feeling so abandoned.  Which leads me to the moral of my story – When the Goddess tells you to do something, no matter how strange it may seem… just do it!

A Witchy Cure for Common Cold: Oregano

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When I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat I felt I was doomed, completely doomed to suffer the same fate as my friend who caught a cold that turned into a cough that lasted for over a month. The stories of the cold, that turns into a cough and then sometimes into walking pneumonia are all over La La land.


Dried oregano for culinary use.

Dried oregano for culinary use. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rather than accept my fate I went straight to my magickal cupboard and found that pure oregano oil I got last Fall. In the past I’ve taken a drop or two of oregano in warm water or tea and it has helped me with colds and flu.  But, this time I was desperate for something with just a little more “oomph” and honestly too much oregano burns my stomach.


Thankfully, I remembered that some folks rub oregano oil in their kids feet because it absorbs through the soles and directly into the bloodstream.  I mixed 3 drops of pure oregano oil with some sesame oil that I had in kitchen and massaged it into the soles of my feet. I immediately felt a soothing warm tingle and then I slipped on some old socks and had myself a nice hot cup of tea.


Throughout the day I’ve been drinking oregano tea and reapplying the oil to my feet every 3-4 hours.  I have to admit it’s almost dinner time and I feel like myself again and I haven’t taken a single drop of cold medicine.  These are the times when I am soooooo glad that I’m a witch.




The Hollywood Witch’s Guide to “Hexting” – Part 1 – Origins

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Earlier this week a gal pal and I were driving to our favorite local watering hole and we almost got into a car accident because of her obsessive “ex texting.”  Granted she was righteously furious because after a year of promising to leave his wife he was still “trapped” in an unhappy marriage AND seeing her. And so, as we made our way through the traffic of downtown Noho she was definitely not paying attention as we rolled up to a weird, discombobulated crossroads traffic cluster f*ck at the Lankershim/Vineland and Camarillo and we almost ended up as the headline on our local Fox News.

My girly scream would have made Chris Rock proud.  Minutes later as we both came to our senses… on the side of the road… thankfully both stunned but alive… I demanded to know what was going on and she burst into tears and sobbed for a moment before regaining her composure. Same old story.  In today’s world break-ups, breakdowns and brawls are just a tap, tap, tap away on your smart phone. She and her ex were in a heated argument via text because his wife was in the room innocently making dinner.hekate

It was then, just feet away from a crossroads, that Hekate spoke to me and gave me the bit of advice that inspired me to write this post.  She laughed and begged the question, “Why text when you can hext?” It made perfect sense. Why would anyone spend time and energy texting when a simple “hext” could do double duty as a statement AND a digital curse? The mere thought of it was provocative and practical. So I got to work on researching the subject and found out that one of the earliest mentions of “hexting” occurred in 2010 via the pop culture icon of evil – Charles Manson.

According to Fox News and the blog Chattering Teeth,

“The murderous cult leader was caught with an LG flip phone under his mattress, and it was determined that he had made numerous calls and sent text messages to people in California, New Jersey, Florida and British Columbia.”