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Writer/Director Rob Zombie and stars Sherri Moon Zombie and Jeffrey Daniel Phillips talk Lords of Salem [INTERVIEW] [SXSW]

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The Wolfman Cometh

Before we get any further, let me remind you of one really important and really simple thing: The Lords of Salemwas fucking awesome. There were a lot of great horror movies that played SXSW this year, and even though this movie wasn’t my most anticipated, I was really intrigued by the subject matter. With the subject matter in mind and the fact that I’ve had mixed feelings about Rob Zombie’s previous films, my mind was fucking blown by what he came up with. Luckily I had already had an interview set up with Rob the next day, along with his wife Sherri Moon Zombie, who played the lead role of Heidi, as well as the lead actor, Jeffrey Daniel Phillips. What they all managed to confirm is that they’re all quite talented people who had a clear vision of what they wanted to make and were able to make…

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Angelina Jolie As Maleficent, First Look ~ Updated!

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Lily Wight

     Updated 20/05/2014

     Maleficent is currently scheduled for a May 2014 release with Angelina Jolie all set to do for Evil Fairy Godmothers what Charlize Theron did for Wicked Stepmothers in Snow White And The Huntsman!

     Here are the latest pics to peruse while you are waiting...

     Fairy Tale fans might also like to click the smiley and scroll down for the picture album Faerie Lore & Fairy Tales 🙂


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