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Livin’ Large

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Just Another Hollywood Himbo

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When one of my best girlfriends returned from out of state last week she was seriously on the rebound from an ex-model who broke her heart into a thousand little pieces.  Poor thing. On the upside this gorgeous California blonde is a promising actress with a knock-out figure who is never short of male attention. When we went out to dinner last week she was excited to introduce me to her new male “assistant” and anxious to see if I agreed that he was “cute as a button.”  I guess I would have thought he was cute, if he hadn’t smelled like he had crawled out of a beer barrel. This 21 year old kid professed to be a “scientist” without a college degree, but believe me he was no Albert Einstein. And he wasn’t even THAT cute. His eyes were too far apart and the suit he was so proud of looked like it originated at Mervyn’s before he picked it up at the local thrift shop.  All I could do was remind myself that she had just had a break-up and in a few days she would come back to herself and realize that this kid may have been a fun accessory in the short term, but a glaring liability in the long term. I found out later that he attended a red carpet even with her and was falling down drunk. Yikes!

I have to admit that the one thing that really turned me off was that he openly refused to pay for anything at dinner. The silly boy made the announcement abruptly in front of a dinner party that included a reputable TV producer, two working actresses and Moi… the Hollywood Witch. I guess he thought that we would cover his bill because he was “special.” Needless to say, he failed Charm 101, but not before we caught him rifling through her purse to pay for another drink that he ordered after the bill was closed. That incident prompted me to text her to cancel her credit cards immediately and dump him because he was obviously a HIMBO. But, she didn’t know what that meant, so I have decided to clarify that term today, even though she fired the little Himbo yesterday and never looked back.

Him + Bimbo = Himbo



Get it?  Back in the day I suppose that a typical gigolo could be defined as a “Himbo,” but after the O.J. Simpson trial one man has come to embody the stereotype so completely that it has been had to knock him off the Himbo throne.  According to Wikipedia Brian Jerard “Kato” Kaelin (born March 9, 1959)[2] is an American radio and television personality who gained fame as a witness during the 1994–95 murder trial of O. J. Simpson. Brian Jerard “Kato” Kaelin (born March 9, 1959)[2] is an American radio and television personality who gained fame as a witness during the 1994–95 murder trial of O. J. Simpson.”

Don’t Hex and Drive

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The Truth About Angels

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6deda039c616bca1e94a9f897b605118As I was leafing through the blogs today I decided to do a search on Angels because since I’ve been invoking the Holy Spirit there have been quite a lot of them around me.  I chanced upon a beautiful photo of the Queen of Angels and I was going to re-blog it. But then I saw the caption and stopped cold.  Underneath the photo was a prayer to end abortion.  Looking up at the tags it was clear that the blogger was Christian. Searching through some of the other blogs I noticed that most of the bloggers were Christian. I read bits and pieces of each blog and decided to post my own. Why?  Because it’s time somebody brought up the fact that Angels and working with Angels are not an exclusively Christian thing. Angels are present in Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and many other faiths throughout the world. Angels do not appear exclusively to Christians!  Angels do not support ALL Christian beliefs and when you get right down to it… the history of Angels goes far back before the dawn of Christianity.

“Some scholars say that the earliest religious representation of the angels dates back to the city of Ur, in the Euphrates Valley, c. 4000–2500 b.c.e.”(Ancient Angels)


Archangel Michael – courtesy of Wikipedia

Furthermore, let’s clear something up immediately. There are a lot of WITCHES who work regularly with Angels for healing and protection. This is not surprising since ANGELS ARE NOT BIGOTS even though some human beings portray them as such.  I invoke Archangel Michael everyday for protection. Some trolls have tried to insist that what I perceive as Angels are in fact “Devils” by default because I’m a Witch. So, let me make another thing perfectly clear. Witches don’t worship Satan! Satanists worship Satan. Sadly, the notion that witches make pacts with the Devil in order to become witches is a common plot point in fictional Hollywood movies and tv shows. I’m not even going to see LORDS OF SALEM, even though I love Rob Zombie, because the plot is insulting to me. But seriously, it’s time someone set the record straight. Angels are also called upon to create what is called the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, a popular ritual with roots in the Golden Dawn that is used to banish negative vibes.  The four Archangels – Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel are called upon to preside over the four quarters over flaming banishing pentagrams.  That’s right – Angels + Pentagrams. If you thought pentagrams immediately meant devil worship you were WRONG.  In my own daily practice I say a traditional Catholic Prayer to my own Guardian Angel in Latin.

qui custos es mei,
Me tibi commissum pietate superna;
(Hodie, Hac nocte) illumina, custodi, rege, et guberna.

my guardian dear,
To whom his love commits me here;
Ever this (day, night) be at my side,
To light and guard, to rule and guide.

Angele Dei, also known as the Prayer to One’s Guardian Angel, was in the past attributed to St. Anselm (c1033-1109)

So, before you go off half-cocked about Angels please do your research and keep in mind that Angels do not have the limitations of fear, prejudice and bigotry… but human beings sure do.  In fact if we took a lesson from the Angels we would respect all faiths, because THEY do.

Earth Magick – “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend”

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Marilyn Monroe from Fashionstop Blog Spot

Marilyn Monroe from Fashionstop Blog Spot

According to traditional Pagan beliefs, the Earth element is the most feminine element of all.  Here in the land of La La, where La Brea divides Sodom (West Hollywood) from Gomorrah (Hollywood proper), we couldn’t agree more.  Nowhere in the world do the gifts of Mother Earth adorn so many lavish Queens, Princesses, and Priestesses of the Modern Age, everywhere, anywhere, from Rodeo Drive all the way to Ventura Blvd. in another world on the other side of the hill. In 1953 when the young Marilyn Monroe stole the show from a more experienced Jane Russell in the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes it was because of the musical number “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.”  That anthem of the feminine desire for the stability in an uncertain world became the touchstone for the modern woman who had no idea that she was connecting with Gaia as a daughter does to her mother.

Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

“Men grow cold as girls grow old and we all lose our charms in the end. But square-cut or pear-shaped, these rocks don’t lose their shape. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” (performed by Marilyn Monroe and written by lyricist Leo Robin in 1953).

 Although a man may abandon his woman because she no longer pleases him, a mother, the Great Mother, continues to provide even when a man refuses to do so anymore. Even today, a diamond is an investment. It affords a measure of security. It is the symbol of commitment. It is an insurance policy from our Great Mother that a woman with diamonds need never starve. Later on, when the divine Shirley Bassey sang “Diamonds are Forever” in the opening credits of the 1971 James Bond film with the same name, that idea was driven home again so we would never forget it.


 “Diamonds are forever, sparkling round my little finger. Unlike men, the diamonds linger; Men are mere mortals who are not worth going to your grave for.” Shirley Bassey

Before you poo-poo the idea of diamonds being anything more than a symbol of vanity, remember that they are made from carbon just as we are. They are so programmable that they can carry curses for centuries. Remember the case of the infamous Hope Diamond, which was supposedly cut from the French Blue that was part of the Crown Jewels just prior to the bloodbath that was the French Revolution. The Ancient Greeks, who were for the most part patriarchal, called it “adamas”, which translates to invincible or indestructible.

Photo by Chip Clark for The Smithsonian

Photo by Chip Clark for The Smithsonian

In the Craft, diamonds are classified as a solar stone that enhances all the energies in the body, mind, and spirit.  Diamonds are stones of protection and power.  When you consider them as a gift from the Mother, it all makes perfect sense. Why wouldn’t a mother want to empower and protect her daughters? In a final note, not all diamonds are “blood diamonds.” Every woman and every witch has a choice. “Conflict-free” diamonds are sold these days.

Why this Witch does NOT Worship Satan

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Repeat after me. “Witches don’t worship Satan. Witches don’t worship Satan. Witches don’t worship  Satan.”  And while you’re at it, put this in your pipe and smoke it – I don’t “worship” Jesus for the same reasons.  While I believe that both Jesus and Satan exist as opposite archetypes, Yin and Yang so to speak of the Judeo-Christian communities, I don’t fall down on my knees to either of them.  I’ve had enough negative experiences with the patriarchy.  So, why would I want to diminish my own hard won self-esteem by buying into two largely misogynistic schools of spirituality?  I don’t. In their purest forms Christianity and even the Church of Satan don’t necessarily have to be misogynistic, but in practice today, here in Los Angeles, in 2013 they sure are. And seriously, both schools of thought are far too obsessed with female sexuality and are equal as adversaries in the “War Against Women.”

While I am not a Wiccan, I agree with their views on both Satan and Jesus even though technically my own personal practice has its roots in Catholicism with several caveats – I don’t hate myself for being a woman.  I don’t believe that my gender is responsible for “the Fall.” I view that as just another bunch of malarkey perpetuated by the patriarchy in order to keep the status quo. Personally, I think the rationale in any school of thought which maintains that women are objects, unable to control their own desires and better utilized for the procreation and pleasuring of men is a lame excuse for the atrocities committed by men against women every day all over the world.

Believe it or not I have and always will be a heterosexual woman. I don’t hate men, but I don’t buy into the notion that women are second class citizens either.  When the Church of Satan came out with the practice of using a nude woman’s body as an “altar” I wrote them off.  Of course I don’t worship Satan.  He’s a misogynist!

The Hollywood Witch’s Guide to “Hexting” – Part 1 – Origins

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Earlier this week a gal pal and I were driving to our favorite local watering hole and we almost got into a car accident because of her obsessive “ex texting.”  Granted she was righteously furious because after a year of promising to leave his wife he was still “trapped” in an unhappy marriage AND seeing her. And so, as we made our way through the traffic of downtown Noho she was definitely not paying attention as we rolled up to a weird, discombobulated crossroads traffic cluster f*ck at the Lankershim/Vineland and Camarillo and we almost ended up as the headline on our local Fox News.

My girly scream would have made Chris Rock proud.  Minutes later as we both came to our senses… on the side of the road… thankfully both stunned but alive… I demanded to know what was going on and she burst into tears and sobbed for a moment before regaining her composure. Same old story.  In today’s world break-ups, breakdowns and brawls are just a tap, tap, tap away on your smart phone. She and her ex were in a heated argument via text because his wife was in the room innocently making dinner.hekate

It was then, just feet away from a crossroads, that Hekate spoke to me and gave me the bit of advice that inspired me to write this post.  She laughed and begged the question, “Why text when you can hext?” It made perfect sense. Why would anyone spend time and energy texting when a simple “hext” could do double duty as a statement AND a digital curse? The mere thought of it was provocative and practical. So I got to work on researching the subject and found out that one of the earliest mentions of “hexting” occurred in 2010 via the pop culture icon of evil – Charles Manson.

According to Fox News and the blog Chattering Teeth,

“The murderous cult leader was caught with an LG flip phone under his mattress, and it was determined that he had made numerous calls and sent text messages to people in California, New Jersey, Florida and British Columbia.”