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Style AND Psychics: Was this Summer’s Gucci Campaign Prophesied by the Hollywood Witch via TMG?

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Years after launching my own little “Psychics and Style” blog – STYLE COVEN ( Gucci is running a gorgeous pictorial campaign using just those touch points and the spokeswoman is my fave Hitchcock Blonde – Tippi Hedren. Coincidentally … or maybe not … yours truly did a reading for her years ago as I was developing my own groove and combining psychics and style at a luxury suite for the Oscars hosted by TMG. Today, I’m a bona fide trendsetter thanks to Ruben Diaz.  LOL


As I wrote YEARS ago …

“After 15 years as a hack and a flack in fashion and entertainment I decided to combine my 25 years of experience as a psychic, clairvoyant and healer with my fascination with pop culture and public relations.”


Since this year’s Awards Season dawn during so many retrograde planets, perhaps they will ask me back. I know it took years but here is our original concept executed elegantly in a Gucci campaign.



Kate Spade’s Last Call to Her Dad: He Never Suspected

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Kate Spade’s devastated father is speaking out about the conversation he had with his daughter the night before she died. And the details make her death all the more shocking.

via Kate Spade’s Dad Shares Heartbreaking Last Phone Call With Her: She Seemed ‘Happy’ — Hollywood Life

It’s Mercury Retrograde and the Witch is Back!

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Mercury Retrograde? Ganesha to the Rescue!

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My apologies for posting this so late, but like many of you this current Mercury Retrograde came for me early during it’s “shadow phase” and I dropped my laptop and utterly destroyed my hard drive!  All over the world folks like me are experiencing challenges associated with the planetary ruler of communication, travel, electronics, contracts, etc …  This thrice yearly occurrence is enough to have garnered the attention of the world now that the internet and the noticeable stops and starts over this hectic time have made it more believable for a single planetary change of orbit to wreak havoc on a global scale.

While many popular remedies for the Mercury Retrograde prescribe a combination of burning a Mercury Retrograde or Reversal Candle with a specially formulated Mercury Retrograde Oil;  I have found that burning a Ganesha2candle and doing a simple mantra to the Hindu deity Ganesha (the Remover of Obstacles) is equally, if not more effective. The difference is that typical Mercury Retrograde candles and oils are designed to counter act all the effects of the Mercury Retrograde, while burning a candle to the “Remover of Obstacles” removes the negative effects of troublesome mishaps while allowing the positive effects of removing, releasing and banishing to continue unabated.


Ganesha3Here at Mystic Journey Bookstore our large community of yogis, yoginis and mystics resonate comfortably with this beloved Elephant God whose reputation for removing obstacles begins with the utterance of his divine mantras to open any spiritual endeavor that requires a connection to the divine.  Traditionally his mantra is recited at least 108 times on a string of prayer beads or malas that are available in a selections of seeds, wooden beads and stones. During the Mercury Retrograde which lasts from January 5th, 2016 through January 25th, 2016 we expect to have to restock our colorful inventory of Ganesha candles several times.

The Process:

  • Anoint your chosen Ganesha candle with your favorite Mercury Retrograde or Ganesha Oil or put a few drops of coconut oil and a sprinkling of brown sugar in the candle since Ganesha enjoys coconuts and sweets.
  • Recite the following mantra  108 times after lighting the candle.


 I have found that this particular mantra is short but very effective. It is best to do the mantra every day at the same time, but I always wear a wrist mala so that I can say it whenever I feel the need which lately has been several times a day.

Stephen Colbert Trashes Daft Punk After Band Bails On His Show

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This was one of the best shows I’ve seen this year.

Hollywood Life

Some hosts get a little bitter when their guests don’t show up! After Daft Punk canceled their appearance on The Colbert Report at the last minute, Stephen threw some major shade!

Some may say that Stephen Colbert was Daft “Punk‘d” on The Colbert Report on August 6, when the band canceled their appearance at the very last minute. 

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Kate Middleton & Prince William’s Elaborate Royal Birth Plans Revealed

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Hollywood Life

Important plans are already in place for an important birth! With Kate’s due date fast approaching, the world awaits the arrival of the next heir to the British throne — and it’s sure to be a spectacle.

Now that Kim Kardashian has had her baby, all eyes are on Kate Middleton, 31, as the world prepares to finally meet the royal baby. Perhaps the most anxious, though, are the people that actually have to arrange the royal birth!

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Robert Pattinson Leaves Swanky Hotel With Mystery Woman

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Hollywood Life

Rob was spotted leaving the Chateau Marmont hotel on June 26 around 2:45 a.m. with a girl who was grinning from ear-to-ear. Do you think she’s just a friend or a love interest?

Is Robert Pattinson moving on from Kristen Stewart? The actor was spotted arriving to the Chateau Marmont on June 25 and leaving in the early morning hours with a girl! Who do you think she is?

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